Where does La Boutique D'Istanbul deliver?

The Boutique delivers everywhere in the world. Yes, that's true. At least, wherever our carrier agrees to deliver. See the delivery page.

 How long will my order arrive?

Allow 3 days for withdrawal periods. Then the time to make the dresses, depending on the number of dresses and the time of year. Count between 20 days and 40 days. Then the delivery time which, again, depends on the place of delivery. Count 1 to 3 days for Europe and 3 to 5 days for the rest of the world. To sum up, between a minimum of 25 days and a maximum of 1.5 months.

 What will my delivery cost be?

It is our DHL carrier who will deliver the package to you. It sets the prices according to the weight and the size of the package. Prices range:

  • Between 44,90 € (Europe) to 79,90 € for a single dress
  • Between 69,90 € (Europe) and 224,90 € for 3 to 6 dresses.
  • Between 164,90 € (Europe) and 510 € for 7 to 15 dresses.